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Physical therapy has been my line of work for 35 years, now.  I enjoy my career, and am seeking the financial freedom to continue coaching people with their health goals, without the stress of a heavy caseload.   CTFO is the perfect opportunity.

I first noticed cannabinoid's power a couple years ago when I caught up with a previous client, who was suffering from a catastrophic neurological illness. Family members were driving out of state to obtain edibles, because their medicines were no longer working. I was shocked that even though I possess a very trained eye, I could not detect any gait deviations that indicated lack of control or weakness with over 33 years of experience! My perspective of cannabis changed immediately.

I had tried creating a simple web page and succeeded. It was an exciting project, but the product satisfied a desire, not a need. In contrast, for many people , controlling pain , anxiety, depression, and stress is not discretionary spending; it's a necessary expense. In view of the opioid epidemic, consider offering millions of people the means for controlling pain, improving function, and producing value. This is similar to what I already do! I Buy into this concept.

CTFO is an amazing, tangible, profitable product that can help people function better- whether that means facing the day, or walking better, I can't think of anything I'd rather do, can you? Join me now in introducing CTFO to the world. Meet people, having fun helping others, and help yourself at the same time. I can't imagine anything better!

Thank you for visiting my bio, and Welcome to CTFO! Get in on the ground floor and get started by taking part in the revolution about to take the world by storm!